Beyond The Gallery Shortcut

White iPhone with blue background.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a list of all shortcuts available here in our shortcuts category? Well now you can This shortcut shows all available shortcuts and lets you add those shortcuts to your phone. Download Shortcut: Beyond The Gallery

Speak IP Addresses

Icon with download down arrow on a blue background.

The last Shortcut I posted was designed to speak the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. This one is designed to speak the current internal and external IP addresses you are connected to. It will also say unavailable if you do not have one of these IP addresses. Download Shortcut: Speak IP Addresses

Say Family

Yellow background with white camera icon.

Apple released a shortcut in the gallery to take a picture with just your voice using Siri. This shortcut expands on this by adding a five second countdown so that you can get in the picture yourself. Download shortcut: Say Family

Current City

Location Marker in white with a green background

Traveling by bus or by car is common, and it is important to know what city you are in. Siri and other programs will give you your entire current location, but what if you just want the current city and state. This shortcut will tell you just that. Download Shortcut: Current City