Convert To Audio

purple background with white speaker icon.

This shortcut will let you convert any input from a share sheet to audio and save it anywhere. This shortcut takes input from a share sheet, your camera roll, or from iCloud Drive. Download Shortcut: Convert to Audio

Icecast Stats

Picture of white headphones on a purple background.

This shortcut will read aloud different stats about your Icecast server. It works extremely well when used with Siri. You will need to give the app your server url without the port in the import questions section. Download Shortcut: Icecast Stats

Emoji Meaning

Picture of an Emoji smiling on a blue background.

Ever wanted to know what an emoji means? Add that emoji to this Shortcut, and a meaning will appear. Please note that returned output is an image, so accessibility will not work unless you scan the image with an OCR app. Download Shortcut: Emoji Meaning